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July 1995 issue

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Cover illustration: A Crystalline Inclusion Compound and Two Host Structures Containing Chiral Molecules Derived from Lactic Acid, see iLlamas-Saiz, Foces-Foces, Weber & Wimmer, pages 1447--1452. The cover shows the crystal packing of the inclusion compound (S)-1,1-bis(p-tert-butylphenyl)-1,2-propanediol--3-methylpyridine (2/1) projected down the c axis.

inorganic compounds

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The tetrahedrally close-packed structure of Co6.3Nb6.7 is built up from five crystallographically distinct atoms having coordination numbers 12, 14, 15 and 16. The relative frequencies of the coordination numbers are 7:2:2:2.

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The structure of Sr5Nb5O17 contains distorted perovskite-type slabs parallel to (100) formed from five NbO6 octahedra and Sr atoms. The compound is isotypic with La5Ti5O17 and both structures belong to the homologous series An+1Bn+1O3n+5 with n = 4.

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In the mixed anionic framework structure of K3[Al4F9(PO4)2] a new type of branched octahedral chain, formed by cis-AlF4O2 octahedra sharing common vertices, is interconnected by PO43− anions.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds