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September 2005 issue

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Cover illustration: The unit-cell contents of catena-poly[sodium(I)-[mu]-tetra­ethoxy­borato], viewed along the a axis, showing the one-dimensional polymer chains along the twofold c axis. See Gainsford & Kemmitt [Acta Cryst. (2005), C61, m417-m418].

inorganic compounds

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La0.815Ba0.185MnO3 crystallizes with a monoclinic (I2/c) perovskite-type structure at 160 K.

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InAsO4·H2O crystallizes in the framework structure type of MnMoO4·H2O and is characterized by In2O8(H2O)2 dimers of edge-sharing InO5(H2O) octa­hedra corner-linked to AsO4 tetra­hedra. PbIn(AsO4)(AsO3OH) also has an octa­hedral–tetra­hedral framework structure and is isotypic with PbFeIII(AsO4)(AsO3OH).

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CsGa(H1.5AsO4)2(H2AsO4) and isotypic CsCr(H1.5AsO4)2(H2AsO4) represent a novel structure type containing decorated kröhnkite-like octa­hedral–tetra­hedral chains and a very short hydrogen bond (O⋯O distance ∼2.51 Å) involving a split H-atom position.

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AgHg3SbO6 adopts the rhombohedral K4CdCl6 structure type featuring chains of alternating face-sharing SbO6 and AgO6 octa­hedra along [001]. The octa­hedral chains are separated by Hg2+ cations in linear coordination.

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La2RuO5 shows a phase transition from a monoclinic high-temperature to a triclinic low-temperature modification at approximately 160 K. Powder neutron diffraction at 293 and 1.5 K was used to study both structures.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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