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July 2007 issue

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Cover illustration: Part of the mol­ecular packing of 1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethyl­imidazolidine-2,4-dione, showing the short inter­molecular contacts (dashed lines). H atoms have been omitted. See Kruszynski [Acta Cryst. (2007), C63, o389-o391].

inorganic compounds

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A new columbite-type modification of CdV2O6 has been synthesized at high pressure. It contains zigzag chains of edge-sharing VO6 octa­hedra. Octa­hedra in adjacent chains share corners and form corrugated layers. Octa­hedrally coordinated Cd atoms, which lie on twofold axes, are situated between the layers.

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Cation-deficient Pb2.63Cd2V3O12 is the first example of a garnet containing lead and cadmium. The Cd and V atoms fully occupy octa­hedral and tetra­hedral sites, respectively, whereas the Pb atoms partially occupy a dodeca­hedral site. The total Pb and Cd content indicates that vanadium is slightly reduced from the +5 oxidation state.

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The noncentrosymmetric Tb3RuO7 structure has been investigated by synchrotron X-ray single-crystal diffraction, revealing that some Tb atoms occupy disordered positions in the P21nb superstructure at room temperature.

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The crystal structure of Ca2Ge7O16 has been redetermined in tetra­gonal symmetry and some comparison is made with Cd2Ge7O16 and AB4O9 structures having A = Sr, P and Ba, and B = Ge.

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The novel title polyvanadate(V) contains [V10O28]6− anions which lie about inversion centres and have approximate 2/m symmetry and which are linked to [Na3(H2O)10]3+ cations through two terminal and two μ2-bridging O atoms. The structure contains three inequivalent Na+ cations, two of which form [Na2(H2O)8]n chains, which are linked via NaO6 octa­hedra involving the third Na+ ion, thus forming a three-dimensional framework.

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The structure of the title compound contains ([Ga{H(HPO4)2}F2]2−)n columns of corner-sharing Ga(F2O4) octa­hedra and phosphate tetra­hedra held together in a three-dimensional structure by K+ cations and hydrogen bonds.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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