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July 2021 issue

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The present laboratory diffraction contrast tomography suffers from poor spatial resolution – only grains larger than 40 µm can be reliably imaged. In this work, it is shown how this serious limitation can be lifted and the spatial resolution improved significantly.

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The glycosyltransferase MurG from the human pathogen A. baumannii was characterized and its hexameric crystal structure was unveiled. This is the first homo-oligomeric structure to be described in the MurG family and the Mur family. The homo-oligomerization mechanism of MurG is clarified, thus opening the door for the design of next-generation antibiotics that target MurG.

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Ubiquitous defects in polycrystalline powders and single crystals affect the pathways of polymorphic solid-to-solid phase transitions. Dependent on the density of crystal defects, the phase transition mechanism can be dominated by either the cooperative molecular motion pathway or the nucleation and growth pathway.
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