guidelines for cryo-em

Standard experimental tables for cryo-EM

Each cryo-EM structural article will normally include standard experimental tables as shown below. Templates for these tables can be found in our Word template at

Helpful notes and/or examples are given in the second column.

Table 1
Data collection and processing

Voltage (kV)
Electron exposure (e Å-2)
Defocus range (µm)
Pixel size (Å)
Symmetry imposed
No. of initial particle images
No. of final particle images
Map resolution FSC threshold (Å)
Map resolution range (Å)

Table 2

Initial model used PDB code
Model resolution FSC threshold (Å)
Model resolution range (Å)
Map sharpening B factor (Å2)
Model composition
Non-hydrogen atoms
Protein/nucleic acid
B factors (Å2)
R.m.s. deviations from ideality Cite the source of restraints/definitions
Bonds (Å)
Angles (°)
MolProbity score
Poor rotamers (%)
Ramachandran plot Cite the source of restraints/definitions
Favoured (%)
Allowed (%)
Disallowed (%)

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