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The technical features and performance of a new instrument for time-resolved ultra-small-angle and coherent X-ray scattering are presented. The instrument enables static and kinetic investigations from ångström to micrometre size scales and time resolution down to the sub-millisecond range. Applications include elucidation of static and transient hierarchical structures in soft matter and biophysical systems.

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A method to automatically index electron backscatter diffraction patterns is introduced and demonstrated with dynamical diffraction simulations and experimental patterns.

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The scattering contribution of free, not chemically bound water in different water–solid mixtures as well as the changes of the scattering contribution due to the reaction progress of hydrating systems is examined. Rietveld analysis with a combination of the G factor and PONKCS (partial or no known crystal structure) method is used for quantification.

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EwaldSphere is a Microsoft Windows program that simulates a small-molecule X-ray diffractometer and the normally invisible components of the diffraction process. The program is designed mainly for teaching the basic concepts of diffraction by allowing the user to explore a three-dimensional model of the Ewald sphere construction.
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