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March 1996 issue

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Cover illustration: A Holmium(III) `Carbons Adjacent' Carborane Cluster, [Li(C6H16N2)2][Li2(C6H16N2)2{HoCl2(C8H22B4Si2)2}].0.5C6H6, see Zhang, Wang, Maguire & Hosmane pages 640-643. The [Li2(C6H16N2)2{HoCl2(C8H22B4Si2)2}]- cluster is shown (50% probability displacement ellipsoids).

inorganic compounds

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The structure of Hg3(HSeO3)2(SeO3)2 contains layers parallel to the bc plane with hydrogen bonds between the layers. The two inequivalent Hg2+ ions are six- and seven-coordinate.

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In both (N2H5)3[GaF6] and (N2H6)[GaF5(H2O)], the six-coordinate Ga atoms are arranged in a distorted f.c.c. fashion. Extensive hydrogen bonding of the type N-H⋯F stabilizes the structures.

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The structure of Cu3Er(SeO3)2O2Cl, the Er analogue of francisite [Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Cl], is reported. Differences in the M3+ coordination geometries in the two compounds are discussed.

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The structure of SrB2O4 consists of slightly puckered borate layers with the composition (B2O4)n2n-; the Sr atoms are dodecahedrally coordinated by eight O atoms from neighbouring layers of borate molecules.

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La2LiMoO6 adopts a monoclinic deformation of the perovskite structure with an ordered distribution of the Mo5+ and Li+ ions over the octahedral sites. The La3+ cations are coordinated by eight O atoms.

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The structure of Cd3[Ir(CN)6]2.12H2O (space group Fm3m) is disordered. The divalent Cd atoms are linked to Ir atoms by linear cyanide bridges; the disorder is such that one-third of the Ir atoms and cyanide bridges are replaced by water molecules.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds