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July 2001 issue

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Cover illustration: The molecular packing in chloro­tris­(N,N'-di­cyclo­hexyl­thio­urea-S)­tellurium(II) chloride, with hydrogen bonds indicated by dashed lines. For clarity, only the C atoms (dotted circles) joined to the main structural unit in the cyclo­hexyl groups are shown. See Husebye, Törnroos & Zhu [Acta Cryst. (2001), C57, 854-856].

inorganic compounds

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An isomer of B20H26, isolated from the autolysis of nido-B10H14 in a silent electrical discharge, is shown to be the title compound 1,1′-bis(nido-decaboranyl). The mol­ecule has crystallographic inversion symmetry and a long intercage B—B bond of 1.704 (3) Å.

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The Ag+ ions in the title compounds are tetrahedrally coordinated by the S atoms of four thiocyanate groups, which act as terminal or 1,1-μ-bridging ligands. The anions in K[Ag(SCN)2] form a two-dimensional polymeric network containing Ag2S2 and Ag6S6 rings.

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The monoclinic superstructure of Ce-doped SrMgF4 can be described as a stack of perovskite-type slabs in which MgF6 octahedra are rotated in a complicated manner. Sr atoms are shifted from ideal positions to fit in the space formed by the six MgF6 octahedra of one slab and one MgF6 octahedron of a neighbouring slab.

metal-organic compounds

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The title structure consists of [V2O6], [Ni(4,4′-bipy)4O2] and [Ni(H2O)2(4,4′-bipy)2O2] polyhedra, and water of crystallization.

organic compounds

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