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February 2006 issue

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Cover illustration: The mol­ecular structure of dichloro­(1,2-dimethoxy­ethane)bis(tosyl­imido)molybdenum(VI), showing 50% probability displacement ellipsoids and the atom-numbering scheme. See Rufanov & Ziemer [Acta Cryst. (2006), C62, m54-m55].

inorganic compounds

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Ca8.42Na1.16V(PO4)7 is the first whitlockite containing vanadium(III) in the M5 octa­hedral site. Calcium ions occupy eight- and nine-coordinated sites. Sodium ions partially occupy one octa­hedral position and share one nine-coordinated position with a Ca atom.

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The framework structure of MoCu3TeO7Cl2·0.5H2O is built up of layers of CuO4Cl, CuO3Cl2 and TeO3+1 polyhedra bridged by Mo2O8 polyhedra, with water mol­ecules accommodated in channels parallel to [100].

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The synthesis and single-crystal X-ray structure of orthorhombic Cs[(Zr6C)Cl15], a phase which contains octahedral C-centered zirconium clusters which are three-dimensionally linked through Cl atoms, are reported. Caesium cations are distributed over several sites within the cluster network.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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The latest virtual issue, featuring Coordination polymers and with an introduction by Len Barbour, was published in July 2014.

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