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September 2006 issue

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Cover illustration: A view of the structure of strontium bis­(hydrogen L-malate) hexa­hydrate. Displacement ellipsoids are drawn at the 50% probability level. See de Matos Gomes, Rodrigues, Costa, Nogueira & Belsley [Acta Cryst. (2006), C62, m416-m418].

inorganic compounds

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The structural data at 163 and 293 K for II-BaB2O4, an excellent non-linear optical material, indicate a significant shortening of the c axial length in the unit cell at 163 K, whereas the a and b axial lengths essentially do not change.

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In Li[VO2(IO3)2], distorted VO6 octa­hedra are bridged by iodate groups to form two-dimensional [VO2(IO3)2] layers that are separated by octa­hedrally coordinated Li+ cations.

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Ortho­rhom­bic Mn(SO3)(H2O)3 crystallizes with P212121 symmetry, as determined by the H-atom positions and the hydrogen-bond network.

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In addition to the spinel-type 16d and 8a positions of space group Fd\overline{3}m, a small fraction of the Al ions in γ-alumina also occupy the non-spinel 6c and 48f positions.

metal-organic compounds

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The title compound crystallizes in P21/a with all the atoms located in general positions. The trichlate anion consists of pyramidal SO3 and CCl3 groups connected via an S—C bond in a staggered conformation with approximate C3v symmetry.

organic compounds

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