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January 2009 issue

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Cover illustration: The [Bi3(H-3taci)2]Cl6/3 entity in bis­[[mu]3-1,3,5-tri­amino-1,3,5-tride­oxy-cis-inositol­ato(3-)]­tribismuth(III) trichloride hexa­hydrate, showing the atom-labelling scheme. Displacement ellipsoids are drawn at the 30% probability level and H atoms have been omitted. See Hegetschweiler, Stucky, Morgenstern, Neis & Weyhermüller [Acta Cryst. (2009), C65, m1-m3].


Acta Cryst. (2009). C65, e1-e2
doi: 10.1107/S0108270108040031

international union of crystallography

inorganic compounds

Acta Cryst. (2009). C65, i1-i6
doi: 10.1107/S0108270108036755
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The crystal structures of two new phases, TiTeO3F2 and V2Te2O7F2, extend to TiIV and VIV cations the description of the structural features established for some oxyfluoro­tellurates(IV) of trivalent cations, belonging to the three MTeO3F [M = (Fe, Cr, Ga), Sc or In] types recently characterized.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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The latest virtual issue, featuring Coordination polymers and with an introduction by Len Barbour, was published in July 2014.

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