OAI-PMH and IUCr Publications

The Open Archives Initiative (OAI, www.openarchives.org) was set up to develop and promote a framework for facilitating the efficient dissemination of digital content, for example between publishers and libraries/digital archives.

The OAI-PMH (Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) sets out the technical standards to be used in order to allow harvesting (collection) of metadata.

The IUCr fully supports the OAI-PMH; technical details of our service are given below.

OAI-PMH service

The IUCr OAI-PMH service is one method of obtaining article metadata for IUCr publications in oai_dc - Dublin Core format.


The IUCr OAI-PMH base URL is http://scripts.iucr.org/cgi-bin/oai/.

OAI-PMH setSpecs:

In addition to general OAI queries the IUCr OAI-PMH service provides 11 "set" filters, these are as follows:

setSpec Description
iucropenaccess IUCr Free and Open Access Articles
actacrysta Acta Cryst. Section A Articles
actacrystb Acta Cryst. Section B Articles
actacrystc Acta Cryst. Section C Articles
actacrystd Acta Cryst. Section D Articles
actacryste Acta Cryst. Section E Articles
actacrystf Acta Cryst. Section F Articles
jac Journal of Applied Crystallography Articles
jsr Journal of Synchrotron Radiation Articles
iucrj IUCrJ Articles
iucrdata IUCrData Articles

ResumptionToken use

The maximum number of records delivered in one request is 500, beyond that resumptionToken use is supported.

Some sample queries:

OAI-PMH Metadata Formats

oai_dc - Dublin Core

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