reduced-price subscriptions

The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) offers reduced-price online institutional subscriptions to its journals. These subscriptions will last for three years and cover from 25 to 85% of the costs of subscriptions. Successful applicants will be invoiced for 75 to 15% of the list price. (Special cases: The IUCr recognises that in some cases it is impossible for libraries to raise any funds and therefore a limited number of 100% grants are available.)

General conditions

The reduced-price subscriptions are distributed on a competitive basis according to the following rules:

  • The reduced-price subscriptions should be distributed on a fair regional basis.
  • Countries which are members of the IUCr should receive priority over non-member countries.
  • Institutions publishing papers in IUCr journals will receive preference.
  • Reduced-price subscriptions are only open to institutions taking out new subscriptions.


The completed application form should be returned to:

International Union of Crystallography
5 Abbey Square
Chester CH1 2HU

Reduced-price subscriptions are financed from the IUCr's Journals Grant Fund, and the granting procedure is determined by a Sub-committee of the IUCr Executive Committee, chaired by a member of the IUCr Executive Committee. The Sub-committee reports to the IUCr Executive Committee by providing a list of applicants in order of priority.

Wiley-Blackwell programs

IUCr Journals also participate in Wiley programs that provide free or low-cost online access to research in developing countries.

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