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May 2023 issue

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Cover illustration: The asymetric unit of MbnF: an NAPDPH-dependent flavin monoxygenase from Methylocystis strain SB2 [Stewart et al. (2023), Acta Cryst. F79, 111–118]. Methanobactins are peptides produced by methanotrophs for copper acquisition. Although the exact biosynthetic pathway of methanobactin formation is not fully understood, MbnF is a protein associated with a methanobactin gene cluster. In this report, structural and functional studies of MbnF are used to gain insight into methanobactin biosynthesis.

research communications

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The crystal structure of the engineered endolysin mtEC340M was determined at 2.4 Å resolution.

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Methanobactins are post-translationally modified copper-binding peptides that have a number of potential environmental and biomedical applications. This report presents the crystal structure and preliminary biochemical characterization of the putative methanobactin biosynthesis protein MbnF.

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Structural characterization of MAB_4123, a putative two-component flavin-dependent monooxygenase from the human pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus, suggests a role in the catabolic pathway of organosulfur compounds.
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