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March 2022 issue

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Microcrystal electron diffraction is described and put in the context of its origins in macromolecular crystallography.

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The low-temperature crystallography of kieserite-type monohydrate sulfates, relevant for Mars and Galilean icy moons, has been investigated down to 15 K, revealing a pronounced anisotropy of their thermal expansion behavior. The present results provide a reliable basis for the proper assignment of sulfate-related signals obtained from remote-sensing data from orbiters at celestial bodies.

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Two unsupervised machine learning approaches are presented to characterize structural variations in nanoparticle ensembles measured using X-ray single-particle imaging. The algorithms are applied to an experimental dataset where both discrete structural classes and continuous deformations caused by X-ray induced melting are classified.

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The mechanism for the formation and stability of nucleation precursors of mesoscale clusters is explored and previous work on clusters mainly consisted of phenomenological reports.
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