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April 1996 issue

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Cover illustration: Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)methano[60]fullerene with a Methano Bridge at the 6-6-Ring Junction, see Tezuka, Kawasaki, Yajima, Ishii, Oyama, Takeuchi, Nakao & Katayama, pages 1008-1010. Displacement ellipsoids are plotted at the 30% probability level.

inorganic compounds

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The Al atoms in Na9[Al(OH)6]2(OH)3.6H2O have octahedral coordination geometry and exist as monomeric [Al(OH)6]3− anions. The Na+ ions also have octahedral coordination geometry and are coordinated by OH ions and water molecules. The NaO6 octahedra are linked through common edges, incorporating the [Al(OH)6]3− octahedra, to yield a three-dimensional network.

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The orthophosphate Cs8Fe15F10(PO4)12 is built from layers of vertex-sharing Fe polyhedra linked into a framework by PO4 tetrahedra. The Fe3+ ions have octahedral coordination geometry and the Fe2+ ions have octahedral, tetrahedral and distorted tetragonal pyramidal coordination environments.

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The three-dimensional polymeric complexes [Bi(SCN)6La(H2O)3].2H2O and [Bi(SCN)6Nd(H2O)3].2H2O are isomorphic with and have a similar structure to the LaFe(CN)6.5H2O structure type. The bond lengths in the coordination polyhedra and the hydrogen bonding in the structures are discussed.

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Cs8[SiW10O36].9H2O contains the heteropolyoxometalate anion γ-[SiW10O36]8−. The polyanions are connected by Cs+ ions to form infinite columns.

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Barium gallium nitride, Ba3Ga2N4, is isostructural with Sr3Al2N4. The structure contains GaN4 tetrahedra which share edges to form infinite [GaN4/23−] chains.

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The structure of Co2Si(P2O7)2 contains SiO4 tetrahedra, eclipsed P2O7 groups [with a P-O-P angle of 132.3(1)°] and compressed CoO6 octahedra. The CoO6 octahedra share edges to form Co2O10 units, which are linked via four vertices to form a two-dimensional network.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds