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March 2005 issue

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Cover illustration: A view of the two-dimensional framework of poly[[bis(pyridin-3-ol)manganese(II)]-di-[mu]-pyridin-3-olato] in the (\overline{1}01) plane. The terminal pyridin-3-ol ligands and H atoms have been omitted for clarity. See Gao, Zhang, Huo & Zhao [Acta Cryst. (2005), C61, m133-m135].

inorganic compounds

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The structure of the new pentanary thio­phosphate, Rb0.38Ag0.5Nb2PS10, is made up of one-dimensional {}_{\infty}^{\kern 4pt 1}[Nb2PS{}_{10}^{\,- }] chains, which are stabilized by Ag+ and disordered Rb+ ions.

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The structure of a natural magnesium aluminium chromite spinel was investigated. The best refined cation distribution is (Mg{}_{0.40\,(11)}^{2+},Al{}_{0.28\,(5)}^{3+},Fe{}_{0.39\,(4)}^{2+})[Al{}_{0.13\,(5)}^{3+},Cr{}_{1.42\,(6)}^{3+},Fe{}_{0.26\,(4)}^{3+}_{0.19}]O_{4}^{2-}.

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The title compounds were obtained by the reaction of RE2O3 (RE = Sm and Ho) and B2O3 under high-pressure/high-temperature conditions of 7.5–10 GPa and 1323 K using Walker-type multianvil assemblies.

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The fundamental building unit of the title compound, sodium calcium orthoborate, is the isolated planar BO3 group. The Ca2+ and Na+ cations share the O atoms with the BO3 groups to form distorted coordination polyhedra. Mixed occupancy exists in the Ca sites.

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The existence of Al2O3–TiO2 phases with an Al to Ti ratio greater than 2 has previously been suggested by transmission electron microscopy. However, the present Al6Ti2O13 structure is the first determination of such a compound. The chain-like structure is formed by oxygen octa­hedra and trigonal bipyramids, the latter solely occupied by Al and the former by both Al and Ti. It should be noted that the fivefold coordination around Al is slightly unusual.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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