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March 2021 issue

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Stoichiometric ternary and quaternary, and nonstoichiometric quinary molecular solids were engineered based on structural inequivalence and combinatorial approaches from 2-nitroresorcinol. A total of 32 binary, ternary, quaternary and quinary solids were characterized. The great difficulty in obtaining such solids is that crystallization must occur in a single step from precursors in solution, with multistep sequences, as are typical in solution syntheses, not being possible in most situations.

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Controlled devitrification of vitreous samples for high-resolution single-particle cryo-EM reduces beam-induced motion in the critical early frames of a movie stack by a factor of approximately four.

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Competitive cocrystallization provides a green chemical method for flavonoid separation with fewer steps and lower energy consumption than the traditional organic solvent extraction method.

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The paper discusses a recent paper [Andring et al. (2020). IUCrJ, 7, 287–293] on the nitrite reductase and nitrous anhydrase activity of carbonic anhydrase.

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