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November 2023 issue

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In this study, liquid sheet jet sample injection was demonstrated at the EuXFEL SPB/SFX beamline. A 3D-printed gas-accelerated nozzle design was used to produce sheet jet thicknesses below 100 nm resulting in a significantly more stable scattering signal compared with a conventional cylindrical liquid jet. The radiation-induced explosion was found to not perturb data collection for repetition rates approaching megahertz. These results demonstrate the great potential of sheet jets for high-repetition-rate liquid sample injection and their adoption for both scattering and spectroscopy experiments.

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Five coordination polymers were obtained based on an azo multifunctional aromatic ligand. The movement and collision behaviors of components are greatly affected by the magnetic field assisted method, which could have a subsequent impact on their structures with different space groups.

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The micro-structured polymer chip is a new polymer fixed-target support for serial crystallography experiments at synchrotrons and X-ray free-electron lasers; these micro-structured supports contain a precise array of apertures that allow rapid aperture-alignment-based data-collection strategies. Here, the chip-fabrication process is presented and discussed, as well as an analysis of ideal crystal-loading parameters and data quality.
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