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July 2005 issue

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Cover illustration: The second-sphere coordination of the [Co(NH3)6]3+ cation in sodium hexa­ammine­cobalt(III) tetra­kis­(4-fluoro­benzoate) monohydrate. One of the CO2- groups forms an edge-to-face inter­action, while the other three inter­actions shown are vertex-to-face. See Sharma, Bala, Sharma & Bond [Acta Cryst. (2005), C61, m356-m358].

inorganic compounds

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The crystal structure of La5Mo6O21 (penta­lanthanum hexa­molybdenum henicosa­oxide) is made up of Mo3O13 units containing triangular {MoIV}3 clusters, three distorted MoVO6 octa­hedral units and six inter­stitial LaIII atoms. The Mo3O13 unit consists of three edge-sharing MoIVO6 units involving Mo—Mo bonding. The three MoVO6 octa­hedra share their corners or edges with each other and with the Mo3O13 units.

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In the single-crystal structure of Sm5Ga3, the tetra­gonal P4/ncc unit cell contains four isolated Ga atoms and four Ga2 dumbbells, with Ga—Ga bond lengths of 2.653 (3) Å.

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The crystal structure of KCe(SO4)2·H2O consists of irregular independent SO4 tetra­hedra, CeO9 polyhedra in the form of distorted tricapped trigonal prisms and K+ ions.

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Tl2(SeO3)3 is built up from TlO6 octa­hedra, TlO7 distorted penta­gonal bipyramids and (SeO3)2− pyramids sharing vertices and edges to form corrugated (001) layers. The Se lone pairs of electrons are accommodated in the inter­layer regions.

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NaCa4(VO4)3 is isostructural with the mineral silicocarnotite. The structure consists of isolated VO4 tetra­hedra linked by disordered calcium and sodium cations disordered over eight- and seven-coordinated sites.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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