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December 2010 issue

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Cover illustration: Stabilization of various transition metal cations with bulky alkoxides can be achieved through metathesis reactions between alkali metal alkoxides and transition metal halogenides. In most cases these reactions are not quantitative. Instead of alkali alkoxides, thallium(I) alkoxides can alternatively be used. These compounds react almost quantitatively with transition metal chlorides due to the poor solubility of TlCl. In the high-symmetric title compound, [Tl4(C4H9O)4], two different molecules featuring a distorted (Tl-O)4 cube are found, one with site symmetry -4.., and one with site symmetry 23. . All O-Tl-O bond angles are smaller than 90° whereas the Tl-O-Tl angles are wider than 90°. See Blasberg, Lerner & Bolte [Acta Cryst. (2010). E66, m1621].

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